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Masters Message May2013

Greetings Brothers:
Today is April 15th which will have an entirely different reference for all ofus in New England for the rest of our lives. Terrorism has attacked our home town and left an indelible mark on what has always been a world class joyous event. Four dead so far and more than one hundred twenty injured from the blasts. All things considered, it is a miracle that the number of injuries are so few considering that the spectators are massed shoulder to shoulder for several blocks in that area. This tragedy will heal and it will leave a scar on our hearts.

So, what do we do now? We do not be afraid or cower to terrorists threats. We do not back down and retreat to a.faceless enemy .. We do not give up our outside group activities. We carry on as Americans have always done in times of tragedy. We commit to the values and freedoms that we enjoy in this open society ofthe United States of America. We continue to live the lifestyle that our ancestors have won for us through bloodshed and sacrifice. We continue to welcome strangers to our shores who wish to assimilate into the American lifestyle. We continue to spread the ideals ofliberty, self government, and humanitarian justice throughout the world. We take responsibility for the actions that we initiate and the results of those actions. We care for those less fortunate and provide for weak and helpless. We, as Masons will continue to live just and upright lives and quietly and effectively. We will lead our nation and fellow New Englanders through this sadness.

It is resolved in our hearts to bring those responsible for this tragedy to justice just like Bin Laden. This will come to pass. It should also be resolved to train our children and loved ones to be ever vigilant and how to defend themselves. As I close this message, let me share again a Zen saying: "Hold close all that is important, and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away". Be responsible for
your actions. Be responsible for your speaking. Be responsible.

Yours in the craft,

Dale Euga, Presiding Master

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