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Masters Message April 2013

Greetings my brothers. Is it Spring yet??? This format is being sent to you to see if we want to adopt this format for future publications of the Trestle Board. The intention is to bring us into the present and put out much more information out to you in advance of the monthly communication. As always, contributions from the Brethren that you would like to include in this format are always welcome.

As a gentle reminder, it is our goal to increase membership by 20 new Masons by the end of December 2013 . I am encouraged to see that the ground swell has begun to build and we need to be much
more aggressive in having conversations. Conversations about Masonry are easy my brothers, we simply can not be cavalier about this! Action produces results. Masons have had a profound presence throughout history and have had a direct hand in shaping our country.

All of us are caught up in the swirl and passions that are a big process of little events, little instancess, and little haepenings. How we venture through them forms into what we have become and when
everyone's fate winds up six feet mider, it is the personal relationships that we have established that make an eternal difference. So, the question is, "how do you want to get there?" As for me, I want to pass over after I have been completely spent. I don't want to leave anything on the playing field. Therefore, I choose to play the "game" without restraint and that places me in a vulnerable position. But I don't mind being vulnerable. If I'm being vulnerable, it means that I'm out there participating at the edge of the frontier of possibility. It means that something can happen and "out there" is where everything happens.

So many opportunities get wasted, sometimes tragically, simply because nobody chooses to speak. I can recall a heartbreaking example of the difference that the most simple few words can make. A brilliant and beautiful student of Dr. Leo Bascallia committed suicide. No one knows why. Not even her parents. She left no note. Imagine if she was your child! What does it matter what we teach our children if we don't teach them the value of their own selfworth? It comes back to the underlying message of this communication to you my brothers, that communication (conversations) are the basic medium for the success of anything. So, here is the law: The degree of success or failure of any undertaking is directly correlated to the level of free, open, and honest communication between the parties.

Another example of the difference that the most casual verbal exchange can make is the story of Tom, a high school freshman, who on his way out of the school was carrying everything home from his
school locker. As he approached the school steps, he dropped some of his belongings. One of boys, Ted, standing with a group nearby and also a freshman, said to him "Too much of a load for one guy" and proceeded to pick up the dropped belongings. This kid lived near the school so the kind lad helped carry the few items home. No more words were spoken except "see you-tomorrow" were spoken by Ted as he turned and left. That began a lifelong friendship. Tom went on to become Valedictorian of the class. In his graduation address to the student body, he related that single event. Further, he shared that he had fully prepared to commit suicide that afternoon when he got home. He was cleaning out his locker so that his parents wouldn't have to come and collect his things. He underscored the importance of what just a few words can make. Tom is now head of a successful major corporation and a proud parent of three children. Tom and Ted are best friends to this day.

I am proud of the job that all of you are doing. Remember to tell all of those close to you that you love them. And remember that there is never too much acknowledgement.

Yours in the Craft

Dale Euga, Presiding Master

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