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Masters Message March 2013

Greetings my brothers. We will be considering a new format for a newsletter. The intent of this new format is to provide much more information and some entertainment. An example will be passed out in the Lodge so please read everything so we can all speak briefly and intelligently about any issues regarding this format. Let us know what you would like to see or would like to delete. Past Masters from 1857 through 1957 have been transferred to our plaque project.

To restate the secondary mission of Adelphoi Lodge: Increase membership by 20 new Masons by the end of December 2013 . To say the least, we are off to a dismal start. There were only a few hands raised when I asked, "How many brothers have a guest coming to dinner?" There were none. It was a bit more encouraging when I asked how many have had conversations and there were a
FEW hands. My brothers, we simply can not have this! Please take a serious minute to ask yourself what it means to you to be a brother of Adelphoi. Allow me to share with you what it means to me.

It gave me a forum to redesign my life. It gave me at least 60 new friends. It helped me launch my business. It filled in a piece of ancient history in my life that I didn't know was missing. It has made me a better man. It has given me a wider and sharper .listening to other human beings. It has made me a better father to riiy sons. It has provided a forum for me to contribute to my community. It is trying to teach me humility and patience. It has provided a completely different brotherhood along with my military band of brothers. It has taught me to be a better listener which provides for me a greater possibility to be understanding and compassionate. And from all of this, I am learning to be a better husband and friend.

Freemasonry at Adelphoi is a privilege to which only the best men are invited. Therefore, doesn't it just make obvious sense to keep the invitation conversation alive every day with those who would make a difference in our lodge? I have tools for conversations available if you need them ... just ask. Our first mission is to HAVE MORE FUN and I am looking forward to our second lodge sponsored outing at the Providence Bruins on March 15th.

Reservations are absolutely necessary. Reservation forms will be available at the Lodge. Family and friends are invited to join us and again, this is an opportunity to invite a candidate prospect. Bring a guest to dinner on March 5th. With all of the aforementioned in mind, I leave these thoughts with you until we meet again on the level. Believe in yourself. Be inspired. Dream freely. Envision excellence. Cherish your creations. Exude enthusiasm. Inspire others.

Lastly, and most important, put words to affection and tell those that you care for that you love them.

Yours in the craft,
Dale Euga
Presiding Master

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Per the Grand Master Kenneth Poyton, all Communication of Adelphoi Lodge No.33 will be suspended due to the Covid-19 Viruse.
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